40s 2021 ( postponed from 2020) is going to be a blast.   The rules have changed, we will adapt.    As of this revision to the website, the current rules in place for gatherings in NY State are simple.   You can have up to 500 people with proof of a negative Covid-19 Test.   EVERYONE must provide a copy of that test for us to retain upon entry of the event and bring their PRINTED ticket as well.   No scanning off the phones as this is a challenge in bright sunlight.    Mask when under 6 feet from another person, hand sanitizing stations, and social distancing are all being implemented via the state website to maintain the events obligations to comply.  These rules could expand to even more people and less rules as we approach May 1st but as of now, this what we are subjected to.    We know some people will not like this, however, we have no choice aside from cancelling again.   There will be plenty of Rapid Test locations opening up this spring where NY will allow you to get your test for under $30.   Its honestly not a huge deal, takes 15 minutes of your time.   Without this we cannot hold the event so please refrain from the obvious complaining and lack of rights and all that stuff, as we can’t change it.  Staff, Vendors, Drivers and riders in all require the test to be on file.   Thank you  

The best VW/Audi Car show and GTG on the East Coast.  See the most rarest Audi and VW models. New this year is pre-registration for everyone. ALL VW and AUDI will allowed… OTHER EURO cars will be on an invite only basis, where as if you have been here before you are grandfathered in but moving forward only the finest examples will be allowed.. Take the epic drive to our giant show field nestled in the Catskill Mountains. Bring your best car spit shinned as there will be plenty of photo ops throughout the afternoon. Food Vendors, Show, Camp Out, Night Theater, Rave Tent, Euro Car Cultural Get together to remember.  This amazing event has a very unique way to vote on your favorite car. Simply place your empty 40oz bottle in front of the car of your choice. The car with the most 40′s wins!

ALL ATTENDEES WILL BE REQUIRED TO PRE-REGISTER to attend including spectators and those riding in a registered persons car, There has been confusion about this. EVERY SINGLE HUMAN COMING TO 40S NEEDS TO PRE REG SEPARATELY with their OWN UNIQUE email address in order to get the invite to purchase a single ticket.

  1.  After March 1st – Click on the registration link above and submit your single person request to attend. spectators explain they won’t be bringing a car in the application.

  2.  Fill out info and electronically sign the legal liability disclaimer.

  3.  Enter your email carefully and check spam folders for your invitation to purchase a single ticket. yes its an invite only ticket purchase system. This protects the event from people that are not  invited and cause shows of this nature to go extinct.

  4.  Using your invite, and your unique email address go to Eventbrite, and purchase your single ticket.

  5.  Print ticket on paper so it can be scanned when you arrive. CELL PHONE IMAGES will not be accepted due to issues in the sun and such with that and the scanners.

We encourage you to participate in our raffle which contains multiple prizes.  Please purchase event merchandise, or donate when you arrive. The show’s origins were a free format, but town compliance, insurance requirements, and just the great number of people that arrive have made that impossible.

Check your Fluids

Like to throw a few back during a show? So do we and we hope you join us in fact its a backbone of the voting here in the field. Your empty 40oz bottle is how you cast your vote. Drinking is permitted but please be of legal age and do so responsibly. Of course adding driving to this equations is a bad idea so please see the camping information below. There are limited places locally to buy your favorite frothy brew so we recommend you stock up your cooler before coming out.

Dub n’ Grub

Tettas Market which just re-opened, will be catering the event with their own variety of foods.   The plan is for them to set up a mini version of their general store right in the show field so as to avoid as much driving out of the show and coming back as possible.     Stay tuned for what they will be providing but we are expecting them to be open late into the night at the show to provide you with plenty of grub and non-alcoholic drinks.  


April 30th – 4pm – Camping Opens Friday night this year.



EURO CARS ONLY There will be no exceptions so don’t be “that guy”.   ONLY EURO’s will enter the show field, ALL SPECTATORS PARK ON THE ROAD – PLEASE STAY RIGHT OF THE SOLID WHITE LINE TO APPEASE LOCAL AUTHORITIES.

Camping – 2021- Bring LED lighting or Tiki torches to light your area.  If we all do this, we will have a lot of light.



Camping is going to be great again but we won’t be on the other side of the road this year.   See map. The tenting population is expected to be high this year so get here early to setup a prime spot. Regular camping in the back of the field.  Preferred camping will be in the pines reaching from the stage to the EDM tent.   People have said, that the transition from show to campfire hangout is a highlight of the show, and adds a cultural side the this event that is unparalleled.   The night theater, a 15 foot diameter bon fire, and continued fun into the night creates a need for camping for safety reasons.   The local authorities will receive plenty of calls throughout the day with speeding dubsters running up the roads.   They will be ready to pull anyone over who has been drinking.   Save your money, stay the night and enjoy the benefits that only 40s In A Bag can offer.

Euro-Speed Theater

Don’t forget about the special feature at nightfall. The giant drive in size outdoor “Euro Speed Theater” will play the best Euro car videos and old Rally videos in HD all night long. Sit by the fire and unwind after a long day in the Sun. Meet new friends, toast to the old ones, and have a great time with us.

Some Rules to ensure we all stay safe and have a great time

THIS IS A 21 AND OVER EVENT – NO EXCEPTIONS PERIOD, SO PLEASE DON’T ASK. IT GETS TIRING ANSWERING THAT OVER AND OVER!! Please have people interested,” LIKE” 40’s In A Bag and indicate they are coming on this event page. Thanks.

CASTING VOTES FOR YOUR FAVORITE EURO – the idea that you need to cast votes with your empty 40 bottle is still real folks. – Bring a 40 and participate. We don’t spend tiring hours judging your car and giving out trophies to nearly half of the crowd. You will have a great time here and that is your reward for coming.

Don’t forget about the special feature at nightfall. The giant 18×12 foot drive in size outdoor “Euro Speed Theater” will be in full effect. Friday night is movie night, Sat night is car video night. Of course the normal 15 foot diameter campfire, beer pong etc will also be in full tilt awesome mode. Giant 1981 VW dealer sign and a matching Audi dealer sign will light your way around.

Sat Night – EURO RAVE PARTY  – Stay tuned…  We are deciding the proper way to handle this without issue from state or local authorities.   Dancing with a Mask on is prob not the most favorite activity we can think of.   LOL

As usual we are raffling off a WHOLE car. Tickets will be $10 each or 3 for $ 20 just like previous years. This years car 1984 VW Jetta Mk1 4 door gasser in real nice condition. Look for details on that moving forward.

We will be selling unique T-shirts again with cool graphics. 40s Coozies, Hoodies and other merch. Look for a 40s poster this year as well… With town compliance the show is expensive to hold so please support a great event by participating in the raffle and/or the shirts.

Camping will remain Free – Camping will be granted via a pre-registration system only. Your pre-reg will grant you an after hours wristband. Camping layout is expected to change this year due to legal reasons and such so keep an eye out for our update on this…..

VENDING – Anyone looking to Vend, should contact Aaron Smith at audi4evr@gmail.com . Vending will be limited as usual, but very cheap to attend. We will also be having a micro brewery selling beers as well.

Show closes 6pm Saturday – You don’t have to leave, but no one else is allowed in after 6pm. Again, I say it every year, it is not an after party for a bunch of bimbos in Hondas, but more a rare cultural treat for those who came for the show. Camping is available because face it, a long day in the Sun, drinking Malt liquor, makes you drunk and tired. Leaving the event puts you and others in danger. Town, County, Watershed DEP and State Police had a commanding presence on area roads last year, and you should expect the same. You leave, you will get caught. No question about it.

AFTER DARK VEHICLE MOBILITY BAN – Here is the deal – My neighbors are mad cool, but they don’t want to hear engines, and have headlights beaming into their homes all night long. We also had a few minor (which could have been major) incidents involving vehicles on the move…. NEW RULE – Have your vehicle moved upfront if you are camping out by Dusk.. No Cars start their engines PERIOD after Dark. Seems minor, but it is a major concern for those who know why. Thank You in advance for your cooperation.

No burnouts, no doughnuts in the show field, no drugs, no underage drinking, and don’t come with a bad attitude. Bring your Friendly attitude and experience a rare chance to meet some like minded folks who live, breath, and sleep VW and Audi!!


Bring SUNSCREEN, Flashlights, pop tents, sleep tents, water, food, what ever you need, but keep in mind that the small store 1 mile away will get tapped out. YES, TETTAS Market will BE OPEN one mile down the road…. Come prepared. Bring Cash money to buy things, there is poor cell service, so don’t expect to pay for things using Pay-pal or any other electronic methods.   There is no ATM in this town anywhere so cash is King and you need to have it with you.   Tettas can do cash advances at the register with a $1 purchase if you really need to get more cash.  

DOGS – We would prefer you don’t bring them, but if you can’t find someone to watch them, they can come but Leashed only – one year someone actually got bit. We can’t have packs of dogs running around. Keep them leashed. We all love a great dog to accompany us with our hobbies, during camping, and in cases of great outdoor events like 40s. But clean up after them, and keep them on a leash. Thank you.

Lastly, The whole show format is not common. It relies solely on the proper behavior, moral aptitude, and common decency of the guests. For lack of better words, This is your show! Treat it like you are hosting it. Have my back, like it was your own. You know right and wrong, and you have the authority to speak up and straighten a dangerous situation out. Without proper guidance the show cannot continue in the way it has become known for. Treat this special event with care, and it will be here for you in the years to come. Thank you

No Entry After 6pm – Vehicle Mobility Ban – Engines, Headlights off after Dusk – Respect the neighbors, and keep it safe, move your car upfront before Dusk if you are camping out.
Drinking and Driving is Unacceptable, Dangerous, Puts the Show in Jeopardy, and the lives of others! Camping is free, and available to everyone, so take advantage, stay safe, and don’t get a DWI, because the town, watershed, county, and State Police will be all over this event, and are not tolerating any violations of the law.

PLEASE respect the neighborhood and observe traffic laws. Keep a positive vibe for the show, so we have no problems hosting it into the future. Be smart, and treat the neighborhood like your own.
DOGS – We would prefer you don’t bring one, as a person did get bit last year. If you have NO other choice, the dog can attend, but with a leash only. NO LEASH = No Dog – Clean up after them appropriately.